Chrome OS keeps evolving and now there’s word out that it’ll be getting note taking on the lockscreen, in the vein of the Galaxy Note devices if you want. Chromebooks are ready to get a new wave of changes, as the Google Pixelbook also prepares for launch.

The new features that will come to Chromebooks include note taking on the lock screen, for devices that come with a stylus. The function may be enabled by default and Google Keep has priority to access it. Similar apps that allow stylus interaction may benefit from this feature once it’s ready for prime time. Keep in mind that Google has yet to announce this feature and sources say that in the future we will be able to launch apps without having to unlock the device.

This means that note taking may be done without having to unlock the device, or while you’re in lock screen mode. It’s useful for students, corporate people or simply folks who like to scribble memos. The change will be available in the next release of Chrome OS and Google will have to work with app makers to get them to start up in the lock screen.

They have to check for security and functionality. Keep in mind that only Google Keep will work with this feature initially. It remains to be seen if we can jot down stuff for entire pages, or just a few rows.