Google has a major event scheduled for October 4th, where they’ll unveil the new Pixel 2 phones. It appears they will also bring a new Pixelbook laptop, that has just leaked via the pics below. We also have details about the product after the break.

This Chromebook is known as the Pixelbook and it’s going to come in 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage flavors. The prices are $1199, $1399 and $1749 respectively. The bulk of the devices’ details isn’t known yet, but we’ve heard that it will fold into a tablet device.

Google will also offer a Pixelbook Pen, a $99 stylus with lots of pressure levels. Tilt support is also here. Google has already launched two Pixel-branded Chromebook laptops in 2013 and 2015, but none in 2016. They will be high priced models, that will rival the Surface Pro and iPad Pro.

The stylus seems rather Apple Pencil-inspired, being a bit more massive than usual and it has its own button. The way the screen hooks to the keyboard is rather bizarre in format, but not atypical for Google. I wonder who the OEM is, but my bet is Huawei. The CPU may well be a Qualcomm of Intel unit.