Samsung’s Chromebook Plus has been available for a while now, ushering in an era of higher priced and higher specced Chrome OS-based laptops. Today we learn that it’s available in the Google Store, priced at $449 and bundled with $20 worth of Google Play credit.

This device manages to compete with midrange Windows laptops at that price tag. It comes with a 2400 x 1600 3:2 display, 4 GB of RAM and a custom hexa core CPU. It’s an ARM-based “OP1” chipset, that should offer enough juice for students and magazine editors, the prime target of such a product. It also has two USB Type C ports, an SD card reader and an audio jack.

This model runs Chrome OS, but also brings in compatibility with Android apps from the Play Store. It also has a stylus used to draw on screen and works like an excellent 2 in 1 convertible. Reviews praised its design and stylus, but the apps are claimed to be sluggish, at least according to The Verge. Some say that the device runs Android apps better than the Chromebook based on Intel CPU, at least.