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MWC 2011: Google Maps Mobile Demoed on Motorola Xoom and Android 3.0 Honeycomb (Video)

While we were in Barcelona at MWC we got to visit Google's Android booth, that also had a place for Google Mobile Maps. This application has been tweaked for tablets, as...

Motorola Xoom Tablet Pre-Order Available With $1023 Price Tag

Motorola's hot Xoom tablet has been one of the hottest CES 2011 items and now the product is up for pre-order at Handtec. Going for $1023, the slate is rumored to...

Motorola’s Roadmap Already Traced Up to 2015: 6 Inch Phablet and Smartwatch Included

Although it's not exactly our field of expertise, it would appear that Motorola has a smarwatch planned for the future, but the really interesting part is the 6 inch phablet they...

Motorola KORE, New Name for Upcoming LTE Tablet?

There's one nifty way of uncovering upcoming products: searching for new web domains purchased by big companies. This was the method for discovering one potential name for Motorola's upcoming 4G LTE...

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