While every big company is struggling to enter the realm of even bigger screens, Motorola is keeping it light and claims that it’s not interested in playing with phablets. The company doesn’t seem to believe in the phablet movement, according to Jim Wicks, the chief of design at Motorola.


He recently spoke to PC Mag and revealed some details about the upcoming X Phone. The device has a strong Google influence and it will have a very thin bezel, plus a resilient case. Droid handsets will still be made, according to the same official, who was also reserved enough in order not to reveal any info about tablets.

Jim Wicks also said that the X Phone will offer the unaltered Android experience, pure Google without any customization. Moto also says that the specifications wars are silly and they will focus more on the experience rather than hardware. That’s nice to hear for a change, but you know how things go nowadays. If the X Phone flops next thing you know, they’ll pull out a phablet from the hat.