Motorola Xoom is barely out for a day and it’s already the subject of modding and heavy customization. Seattle hacker @koush is responsible with the latest tweak, since he made the device moddable and installed his ClockworkdMod Recovery ROM manager, without encountering any issues.

Strange to see a Motorola product behaving so nicely after the problems with the Droid smartphone series having protected bootloaders. Root access isn’t yet available on the Xoom, but hey, it’s been a single day since the slate was launched! Once the Motorola tablet is fully hacked, it will host non-Android Market software, Windows or whatever you want to install on it.

Android 3.0 is pretty incredible though and it’s hard to believe someone would desire another OS on this slate…

  • Medoo

    this is crazy i think Android HoneyCom is the best OS in the market now ..

  • its good Medoo, a great competitor for ios, but you know that android for tablets at the moment has less than 20 applications designed specifically for tablets running android? The iPad has thousands already, the iPad will always have the advantage on anyone else….

  • Medoo

    you are right about the applications but soon we will have more as they did with the 7 inch tablet from Samsung .. hope so 😀