The first Honeycomb tablet, aka the “Nexus” tablet, or simply the Motorola Xoom was a disappointment in sales, only managing to move around 100k units, if official estimations are to be believed. Now comes the Motorola Xoom 2, known as the Xyboard in USA and Moto launched it with high expectations and maybe a price that’s a bit too high for its own good.

Inside the box of this newcomer we find the charger, an adapter and an USB cable, plus the usual manuals. The tablet comes wrapped in plastic and at the back and on the sides I can sense a rubberized material, that combines with metal on the back side. The speakers are discretely integrated into the top back of the slate and the On/OFF and volume buttons are pretty hard to feel/press on the side of the device. This is a Honeycomb dual core 10.1 inch tablet, that will get Android 4.0 as soon as it’s available for Moto devices.

It seems to provide a pretty fluid experience in the OS and the widgets and icons have a certain Ice Cream Sandwich look to them, especially the Back, Home and Recent Apps icons. In the following days I’ll review this device and find out what it does best…

  • Need to know if the system inside is based on TI OMAP or Tegra 2. It is unclear to me, I tend to hope that Moto used TI instead of that garbage of Tegra.
    Please look into it. Use a program that reads internal hardware and say it in your review.
    I am interested in this tablet.

    If this is made with TI, than it is a breeze in the sea of bloody Tegra’s. If it also had a microSD, it could have been the perfect tablet.

  • Paul

    there is no sd slot. Sad

  • I got my hands on one. My version is MZ616 and has SD card slot. It also has microSIM support.