In a very strange turn, Motorola is saying that they won’t push Android 4.0 updates to devices that they consider to be spoiled by the new OS. They claim that the delay of upgrades is not caused by their inability to tweak the software, but rather because they don’t want to update them, since it wouldn’t improve the devices that get the update.

The statement comes just as they published a list of all the devices that will get updates and their time frame. On the list we find the WiFi only Xoom, that got ICS early this year, plus the Droid Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1 that will get Android 4.0 in early Q3 and the Xoom WiFi + 3G, that gets its share of the new Android in Q2. The Xoom Family Edition gets ICS in Q3 and that’s about it when it comes to tablets. Meanwhile, a bunch of famous phones like the Milestone 3, Milestone X3 and Motorola Pro+ are listed as “remaining to Android 2.3”.

It’s interesting to see a lower specs phone such as HTC Desire C running Android 4.0 without fault, while Motorola can’t seem to fit the OS to some pretty modern gear. And what’s even worse, Motorola Mobility was bought by Google, last year, so you’d expect some special favours and customizations specifically created for Motorola with Android 4.0…

  • Geponchuk

    a bunch of bs. customers are getting ripped off again.

  • Murfo

    This is why I WILL NOT buy another Motorola product