Steve Jobs Dismisses 7 Inch iPad, Attacks Rival Tablets

Just as Apple revealed its stunning financial results, Steve Jobs took his time and attacked the other tablet makers. Also, Apple's boss dismissed once and for all the rumors concerning the...

iPhone and iPad Help Spreading the Flu; Health Tips HERE!

Apparently, the iPhone and iPad will greatly contribute to spreading the flu in the cold season to come. How? Well, people sneeze into their hands and next comes touch interaction with...

iPad Gets a Hole in the Middle; Taken Down by Shotgun (Video)

Some people are getting very bored out there and they probably want to celebrate the news that Notion Ink's Adam is coming soon, so they decided to shoot an iPad with...

Salsa Table Integrates iPads, Collaborative Energies Fused

One may argue that with all these gadgets we're becoming more and more alienated and communicate through hardware, instead of speaking directly to people. Designer Bram boo begs to differ, by...

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