The last iPad 2-related scoop details a bit of the slate’s internals and also mentions that we’ll see around 5 million units in Q1. The info on the new slate’s specs comes via a note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at Concord Securities. He claims that new Apple iPad is a dual-core device, based on an ARM Cortex A9 CPU, running at 1.2GHz.

The iPad 2 also gets a dual core PowerVR SGX543MP2 chipset, related to the quad-core MP4 used on the brand new PSP console, Sony NGP. 512MB of RAM are also included on the specifications list, but with a memory clock upgrade to 1,066MHz. Reports also claim that Foxconn still remains the single iPad maker, with 4.5 to 5 mil units ready for Q1.

Back to the analyst mentioned above, he also mentions that the new LCD display on the slate is a third thinner and gets the anti-reflective treatment, for better outdoor visibility. Cameras are also expected on the device, one upfront and one at the back, based on those found on the iPod touch. There’s a 1MP unit at the back and a VGA one upfront, a pretty disappointing choice, if you ask me.

The rest of the part suppliers are detailed in the table above.