The only area left to conquer for smaller tablet makers is the niche. Improv Electronics has been selling writing tablets for years and their devices are actually designed for writing, reading and that’s pretty much it. Now they’ve got a new model hitting the FCC and ready to be sold in stores…


A Boogie Board is a replacement of a stick notes pad ad it features a low power LCD display that can show an image indefinitely without using power. The latest such model is the Boogie Board Sync, a 9.7 inch slate with built in storage, the ability to connect to other devices wirelessly and a $100 price tag on Amazon. That’s a preorder offer, in case you’re wondering.

The Sync is meant to replace pen and paper, allowing you to take notes and save hundreds of pages in its storage. You can then transfer the resulting PDF files to a PC, phone or tablet via Bluetooth and even sync with Evernote. Keep in mind that this model has a black and white screen and it doesn’t run third party apps, but it does offer a week of battery life.