Honda has its very own Android-based dashboard solution, one that involves Android 4.0.4 and a few of the car maker’s own applications. The product was taken for a hands on test by Engadget and the result can be seen below.


We’re dealing with a system that is based on the latest Nvidia Tegra chip and uses a custom UI on top of Android. This is not the Android Auto system, that was announced a while ago, but rather something different. Honda offers a combo of its own apps and the ones from the Play Store. The system offers an optional Garmin powered GPS, FM radio, CD playback, USB and HDMI connectivity, as well as Bluetooth and Mirrorlink.

The UI is a bit too complicated for someone who also needs to watch the road, but at least you get the bulk of the features you’d get on a tablet or smartphone. Customizability is also present, through different main screen layouts, custom wallpapers and there’s even image editing in there. Other features include a gas gauge, backup camera, service alerts and access to the car’s core features.