While many analysts claim we’re already in the post PC era, there are still a few years ahead to keep us interested in laptops and desktops. However, the next 3 years will show us a growing slate segment that will totally take over the market. An example is 2014, that will bring the number of sold slates to 50% of the entire PC market.


Android will get 65% market share, while Apple will have 30%. The growth of tablets is beating the desktops and laptops by huge amounts and these figures listed here come straight out of Canalys. The Android market share mentioned before may translate to about 185 million units, with Samsung at the top.

Apple only has the iPad to account for, supposedly with a 3 pronged approach: Mini, 9.7 inch and a 12 incher. Apple will continue to make big money from the tablet boom, but Samsung, Amazon, ASUS and the likes of Lenovo will not side idle by. Canalys is saying that 50% of the PC share equates 285 million tablets shipped next year and by 2017 the number will reach 396 million units.

Is there anyone left who doesn’t believe in the tablet boom?