The phablet was ridiculed back in the day by Steve Jobs, who also mocked the stylus, but I’m guessing that if he saw the Galaxy Note 3, he’d think again. Now we’ve got some figures to support the popularity of the phablet, related to their shipments.

South Korea Samsung

It would appear that 120 million units or more may be shipped by 2018, rising from an estimated 20 million last year. The most receptive markets are in East Asia, with South Korea loving these big screen models the most. I have an exact idea of the people who want these devices: gamers and people who consume media on the go. Even Nokia joined this trend with two phablet models, while HTC also took a stab at it, but without too much success (One Max).

Even Alcatel has a phablet or two, while Huawei has been operating in the segment for over a year now. Windows Phone is rather new in this field and certainly needs more models to become more established, while Android is already dominant in the phablet field. Meanwhile, Apple stays away from the segment, but who knows, they may jump in… in 2015 supposedly.