RIM’s greatest product over the last years is the BlackBerry 10 OS, or that’s the conclusion we can draw from the first shots of the platform that have appeared online. Now it appears that the OS will come to the BlackBerry PlayBook, but only after the first BB10 phone is shipped.

If you own a BlackBerry 7 device you won’t get the BB10 update in October, but if you own a PlayBook you’ll be lucky enough to get a taste out of the fresh platform. The BlackBerry Developer team announced that on Twitter this week, letting owners of the 7 inch tablet know that they’ll get the BlackBerry 10 fix ASAP. Sadly we only saw the look of the operating system on a phone during BlackBerry World 2012 and it was pretty clean UI-wise and its icons reminded me of the QNX OS.

There’s also a fresh inbox area, that’s ready to come up from the corner wherever you are on the screen. I also spotted some widget-like thingies on the main homescreen. Will the $200 PlayBook become even more appealing now? What do you think?