The BlackBerry PlayBook may have not received the love it needed when it was launched an year ago, but it appears that only now it’s getting the public affection it wanted. After all, prices have dropped so much, that you can find the product at $199 almost anywhere. And take into account it was launched at $499.

Meanwhile, Research in Motion is struggling to find a decent direction and I can’t really figure out what they have in mind, since they’ve shown nothing new at CES 2012 or MWC 2012. Well, this week’s news is that last week the PlayBook was the best selling tablet in Canada, the RIM homeland. The info came via the Research in Motion Twitter page and that claimed the sales were achieved through Best Buy and Future shop. No exact numbers were given and we have no idea what the sales were in Canada overall.

With the iPad 3 launch approaching, RIM needs to get rid of as many PlayBooks as it can, since everyone will desire the iPad HD once it enters the shops. With PlayBook 2.0 OS launched and version 3.0 in the works, plus that $199 price tag, the product may finally become a hit.