During today’s big RIM event, that marked the debut of BB 10 OS we also found out that the platform is coming to BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. You can learn all there is to know about the BlackBerry 10 OS handsets and platform from here, in case you’re wondering.


Just so you know, RIM is now actually called BlackBerry, through a rebranding that was also announced today. Their first BlackBerry 10 OS phones are the Z10 and Q10 models. They will be available in various regions of the world, starting with the United Kingdom tomorrow. Speaking of the UK, we recently had a piece of news saying that in UK over the past months the PlayBook sold more units than the iPad 4. The fact that users will get BB 10 OS on this slate can only make the users happier with their choice.

The tablet is almost two years old, but it’s still kicking, at a very reasonable price and with decent specs. Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO is saying that “all existing PlayBooks” will get the upgrade to BlackBerry 10 at some point in the future. BlackBerry 10 has its origins in the QNX OS, with a very efficient multitasking system called BlackBerry Flow. Do you own a PlayBook? Excited about the update?