There’s no shortage of rugged tablets with Windows, but usually they’re kept at an older version, like Windows 8 or even Windows 7. Well today we’ve come across a Windows 10 model, dubbed Bakusa Seal 8 and priced at $499.99.


The device is up for preorder right now and since it has the world “Seal” in the name, you can pretty much guess it’s a badass model. Bakusa is an US company that makes rugged slates for tough working environments. Their slates come with unbreakable Gorilla Glass and a hardened rubber casing. The firm behind these products is an official Microsoft Original Equipment Manufacturer, allowing them to work with Windows 10 and original hardware.

Seal 8 brings two cameras on either side, so it can help architects and engineers get more angles on their work. It can can barcodes and other types of codes, sense temperatures and it comes with fingerprint authentication. This is an 8 inch rugged model, with a HDMI port and special lids that protect ports and slots from water.

It has WiFi, LTE, a LCD display with HD graphics and comes with 2 years of warranty.