If you thought that this Spring’s iPad release was appealing with its low price of $329, check this one out! Apple is apparently ready to make us an offer we can’t refuse with an even more affordable iPad. The newcomer is now said to be priced at just $259 and it should come in Q2 2018.

We already saw a 9.7 inch cheap iPad this year and now the info about the fresh release comes from Digitimes, a pretty solid source when it comes to connections to the supply chain. The new model would be priced $70 lower than the current affordable Apple slate. However, Apple isn’t the kind of company to just make affordable devices and that’s it. The global tablet market has been in decline for the past years and this may be one way to resurrect it.

Even so, Apple has been doing fine with double digit growth in iPad sales for the past two quarters. It’s also true that they’re coming after a rough period. The new aggressive pricing may also influence rivals, like Samsung, Huawei, Amazon or Lenovo, who may counter with their own affordable products. Well, actually Amazon already has a bunch of cheap slates and also quality ones.

Apple is said to be looking to expand its tablet coverage in areas like the industrial and service sectors. We could also see outsourcing of the new iPad production to Compal Electronics, while Compeq and Unitech could take care of PCBs.