All tablet sales are down and they’ve been dropping for years now, as the big screen devices get cannibalized by phablets. Now another factor has come and it seems that tablets are too complicated for users and they’re too good to be replaced.

Sales of traditional tablets are falling in Australia for example and they are predicted to drop even further. Apple and Microsoft want to make a tablet comeback, both firms having launched new slates over the past month. Analysts aren’t sure their devices will catch on yet. Consultancy firm Telsyte has shown that Australians bought 1.64 million tablets in the last half of 2016, most of which were Apple iPads.

At the same time iPad sales fell 9% during that same time frame and Android slates went down 13%. Officials claim that tablets have peaked in 2013 and few Australians have replaced their tablets since. As the support and life cycle of older products ends, it’s time to get new ones, but the people may find them to be overcomplicated. Just look at what Microsoft and Apple have been putting out: productivity-focused machines with big screens and styli.

They key is more in the convertibles and lighter offerings, ones that are more on par with Chromebooks not, ultrabooks. Prices are also an important factor, of course and connectivity too, since 4G LTE is the way to go now.