It’s been a year since the introduction of the iPad Pro and users have been wondering why Apple didn’t invent a way to attach the Apple Pencil magnetically to the iPads… or at least buy an accessory that will help with that. It appears that such gear is coming, as proved by a recent patent.


This patent application shows that Apple is working on a magnetic system that lets an Apple Pencil get attached to the side of an iOS device, like an iPad or even an iPhone. It may be part of a new protective case mechanism, that better protects against free falls and it could even provide advanced feedback for playing a virtual piano in the likes of GarageBand.


The invention also covers a power source, an electromagnet, a magnetic field sensor and there’s also a switch that electrically couples the electromagnet with the power source. Electromagnet assemblies are also mentioned, with each of the electromagnet assemblies offering a magnet field sensor and a switch, with the switch allowing electrical energy from the power source to energize the electromagnet.


Permanent magnets are also in the mix and one of the patent figures shows a way to reduce damage in the event of a fall. Magnets may allow a flexible steel shell to be manipulated, creating extra distance for the device to move around and not get too damaged.