Although not many people know that Microsoft contributed an important amount of cash to save Apple when it was in trouble, the two are pretty strong rivals right now. For the past decades Microsoft has been on top, but this year Apple may just be able to sell more devices than its rival.


A recent report from Gartner shows that Microsoft could lose to Apple this year, as the later sells more devices than the inventor of Windows 8. The iPhones and iPads will represent the bulk of those sold units. You should also know that in 2012 Apple sold 159 million iPods, iPhones, iPads and Macs, while the total of Windows devices reached 175 million units.

Consumers’ interest is shifting away from desktop to mobile nowadays and Microsoft is trying to find a hit product to go with. The launch of Microsoft Surface RT and Pro didn’t quite improve Microsoft sales, as much as they would have liked that. Gartner also expects that tablets sales will beat desktop PC sales by 2015, so it all fits within this pattern.