Once Google Reader was canned, many people found that Feedly was almost as good and stuck to it. But what client do you use for this service when you’re relying on a Windows 8 tablet to do your tasks? Well, today we have Readiy for you, detailed below.


Readiy is a simple Feedly client for Win 8 and it comes with a clean interface, fast syncing with all your subscriptions and it’s an excellent replacement for your current RSS reader. Once the app is launched, you’ll need to log into the Feedly account and then all your feed subscriptions will be pulled, as well as any unread feeds on the main page. In the upper left side of the screen there’s a drop down menu that shows some filter options, as well as feed breakdown.


If you swipe up there’s an area with menu options, including managing your feeds, accessing Settings for Readiy, viewing accounts and pinning a feed to the Start screen. This app supports saving articles to Pocket and Instapaper, plus share them to OneNote and EverNote. Four themes are available here (dark, light, gray and sepia), plus tweaks to how items are marked as read, article view settings and sync settings.

You can download Ready for Windows 8 here for free or buy the Pro version from for 3 dollars from here.