If you’re looking for a free navigation app with turn by turn abilities, look no further than the GPS Navigation & Maps Light, by Skobbler. I must highlight here that you should download the “light” app, since that’s the free one.


There’s also a fully priced software out there and in case you’re wondering, the app requires Android 2.3.3 and up and only occupies 30 MB of your storage. There’s a completely interactive OpenStreetMap (unlimited) and ongoing free map updates. Other features include a route planner with vehicle and pedestrian options, various search functions and a favorites list.

You can sync that favorites list using the web portal maps.skobbler.com. The most appealing aspect of the app is that it provides full fledged navigation with voice prompts (turn by turn) for 14 days. One single map with global coverage will be provided and if this sounds appealing to you, the download is available here.