The good old FCC filing leaks are back, this time giving us a glimpse of a new 7 inch Android tablet made by ZTE. This is the Z66 model I’m talking about, one that comes with a 1.2GHz dual core processor and Android Honeycomb 3.2 as the operating system.

The tablet will be sold on Verizon, since it supports 4G LTE Connectivity on this carrier and the logo appears on the back of the device in the official documents. There aren’t any specs available just yet, aside from the presence of a camera, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth and EV-DO plus 1xRTT radios. The comments on the original piece about this tablet on The Verge has revealed an interesting attitude towards Chinese firms that try to enter the US market.

Take the ZTE V9 tablet with Froyo, that was priced at $99 and was a huge hit in Australia. It was very hard to get, if not impossible in the USA. It appears that the States’ government don’t quite like Chinese firms doing business in the USA and it’s very tough for Asian companies to enter the market and compete with giants such as Motorola or Apple.