It’s been a while since Apple launched the first iPad, that started the tablet craze and sold over 3 million units in a mere 80 days. Now people want more from tablets, they want Retina Displays, quad core processors and full HD cameras, if possible… New rumors about the iPad 3 have appeared, placing its launch in February 2012.

It also appears that the third gen Apple tablet will come with a Retina Display, as rumored on numerous occasions till now. I really can’t figure out a pattern for iPad launches to be honest, since the first tablet from Apple was announced in January 2010 and released in April, while the iPad 2 was unveiled in March 2011 and shipped soon after.

Now we’re getting the new tablet in February and probably it will be in the shops in about two weeks after its official debut. Richard Gardner, an analyst at Citi quotes his sources, saying that the iPad 3 will double the resolution of the iPad 2 and reach 2048 x 1536 pixels. Meanwhile, Samsung is also preparing a resolution that pushes the technology even further, with a slate in the pipeline that supports a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. I guess that this new Tab will also be the subject of a lawsuit from Apple.

The big question here is: will Apple change the CPU on the new iPad?