Xiaomi has penetrated a lot of product segments over the past years, including cooking gear, shoes, toys and electric scooters. They’ve also launched a few tablets, not as often as before and a few laptops and now they’re venturing into eReaders.

The company wants a slice of the Kindle market and they’re going to debut an eReader on November 20. They’ll have a tough competition, that includes the likes of the Nook series, Kobo models and many more. Xiaomi went ahead with an E-Ink electronic reader, which was confirmed on Weibo today, via the official Mijia account. The product will be crowdfunded, just like some other Xiaomi devices.

All we have so far is a sketch of the eReader, which has thick bezels around the screen. There’s also a button at the top side and no buttons on the sides, for the sake of a more immersive experience. All the controls will be on the screen. We don’t know yet if Xiaomi is growing its own library of eBooks, or it will partner with some other company. Also, there’s no word about audiobooks or other content just yet.

There’s speculation we could see an audio jack here and an IP rating so you can use the device at the pool, in the bathroom or at the sea side. Expect a very low price tag, very likely below $100, maybe even $50.