While Apple may be the leader of the global tablet market, there are countries where other brands take the lion’s share. For example, Huawei is the leader of the tablet market in China and truly this surprises nobody. The latest figures from IDC show that Huawei is leading the Chinese tablet market, having shipped a total of 2.12 million slates in Q3 2019.

The number is a growth of 24.4% compared to the previous year. Huawei’s market share thus rose to 37.4%, meaning that the company now leads the tablet market in its homeland. Interestingly, IDC also shows that the Chinese tablet market has been growing as a whole for the past 6 quarters, even though the pace was rather narrow (1.4%). A sum total of 5.67 million tablets were shipped in Q3 2019.

Following Huawei, Apple was the largest tablet maker, with a 33.8% market share and shipping 1.92 million units in Q3 2019. Xiaomi was third with just 340k units and a share of 5.9%, while Lenovo is fourth with a market share of 4% and 230,000 units shipped. Xiaomi and Lenovo were both on a declining path, by 47.4% and 15.9% respectively from 2018. There are no more new Mi Pads lately, so maybe that’s why.

Microsoft is fifth in China, just in case you were wondering. Huawei, Apple and Microsoft were the only ones to grow over the past months, thanks to investment and innovation. Globally Apple remains the leader of the tablet market, while Amazon and Samsung keep trading places for the second spot. I’ll go ahead and put Huawei’s homeland ascension on the rising nationalism and positive feeling towards the brand in China after the Trump blacklisting.