After the debut of Windows 10 on ARM a few weeks ago, we expected more and more partners to adhere to this initiative. ASUS and HP kicked things off, with Lenovo also promising to join the party. Acer should also be there soon and now Xiaomi is said to have its own Snapdragon 835 powered laptop ready for prime time.

This laptop is slated for a 2018 debut, with Windows 10 in tow. Xiaomi and Qualcomm have been getting cozy lately, as Xiaomi also announced that it will be one of the early adopters of the Snapdragon 845 processor next year. The Chinese device maker is still a new name on the laptop market, entering it last year with the Mi Notebook Air. Then we saw the Mi Notebook Air with 4G SIM card slot and 2018 may bring a laptop of the sort with a Snadpragon 835 CPU inside.

The current gen Xiaomi laptops are based on Intel CPUs and Xiaomi’s key selling point for its laptops is the battery life. As you know, Snapdragon 835 laptops have amazing battery life, around 20 hours or more, so Xiaomi may also want a piece of that. Gigabite LTE connections is another advantage. Xiaomi is also rumored to bring its laptops to India, since they were only available in China till now. With their recent debut in Spain and soon in France we could also see them expanding there the laptop offer.

Right now those looking for a Win on ARM laptop can choose between the ASUS NovaGo and its 22 hours of functioning or the HP Envy x2 2 in 1 laptop with 6.9 mm waistline. They’ll be sold in early 2018. Expect a lower price from Xiaomi compared to those offered by HP and ASUS. I also expect Samsung to get in on the action.