We don’t seem to be progressing as much as some people would like in the field of flexible screens and flexible devices and ever since the first LG G Flex, the evolution has stalled. Today we came across another bendable device with a new type of technology, relying on graphene flexible screens.


The technology was demoed at the Chongqing Academy exhibition fair and involved a bendable phablet of sorts, that wrapped around the wrist, thanks to its flexibility. The result is a 5.2 inch handset, that appears to be much bigger on account of its body length. It weighs 200 grams and can go as far as to be bend into a circle and worn on the wrist.


Graphene material was used here at the core area, while the components that can’t bend like the battery and CPU were placed into those big edges. This model can run Android, make calls and surf the web, so it’s a full fledged device. Graphene has the advantage of light transmittance that’s higher than traditional materials and also a clearer image is shown.

It’s also more resilient and touch sensitive. The company working on this project will debut a black and white 6.23 inch bendable smartphone at the end of the year and a consumer color product in 2018.