Here’s a pretty original patent, filed by Qualcomm recently and revealing a multi-fold display that could make ASUS jealous (or interested), since they’re keen on such innovative designs. This device allows its user to fold and unfold it, so it would make a pretty good e-book reader. It can even turn a handset into a tablet and viceversa, or even a TV set, which is pretty cool actually.

Qualcomm’s interesting patent incorporates a “processor configured to execute at least one software application having a graphical user interface, the processor being responsive to the folding configuration sensor to modify the graphical user interface based on the detected configuration.” The interface plays the role of a panorama UI, or a desktop one, an app UI, a web browser interface, a media player UI and much more.

The only problem with this design is that when folded it makes out one bulky phone. We have a feeling that some major player like Samsung or ASUS will use this patent and not Qualcomm, since they usually provide chips and software to phone makers and don’t make full fledged devices.

[via Unwired View]