Microsoft may still be quite a big deal when it comes to desktop OS market share, but in the tablets area they’re a minority. According to a research institute in Taipei, Microsoft is going to reach almost 5% of the tablet market share this year, with Windows OS-based slates.

tablet market share windows

The same source claims that most of the branded and white box tablets, except the iPad have adopted Android by now. Apple’s share is dropping and Android OS is past the 70% share on the market. In spite of the fact we’ve seen quite a few 8 inchers with Windows 8 and appealing prices, Microsoft has yet to make a dent in Android’s domination. The Surface is probably one of the best selling slates with Windows, because it caters to a niche that may actually appreciate what it offers. However, seeing Lenovo’s latest offerings and various projects from indie hardware makers, even the Surface seems to be outdated. Well, at least the overall trend for Microsoft is growth, since they’ve boosted their tablet market share from 1.5% to 4.6%, mostly because of the decision to give up on Windows licensing fees for tablets smaller than 9 inches in late 2012. Will Windows 10 be a game changer?