BlueStacks has been providing Windows users with the ability to run Android applications for a while now, so after launching in beta last March, now they’re one step closer to a more general adoption. How? By reaching the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, only days after the product went on sale last weekend.


When the solution first came to Windows, the apps were limited and now they have reached an impressive over 750k applications. Bluestacks has also been recently optimized for Windows 8 tablets, including the Microsoft Surface Pro. The launch came with a motto: “Get Your Apps Back”, probably referring to the heap of non touch optimized apps in the store for Windows 8 users. BlueStacks is available right now, it’s free to download and to use.

The setup process is intuitive, as you just need to visit this website and click the green download button. Then you finish the download, do the install and start using regular Android apps, aside from your usual Win 8 software. I wonder if Microsoft will maybe try to find a workaround in order to make this solution not work anymore, but they really want the wrath of the users?