In spite of the fact that Windows RT tablets weren’t popular, there are still some models out there purchased by folks. They will be interested to learn that their Win RT devices will get some of the Windows 10 features.


One of the most appealing models was the Nokia Lumia 2520, that has solid specs even today. Anyway, the info about the update comes from solid source Supersite for Windows. It’s not yet sure what the exact Windows 10 borrowed to Win RT will be. One thing is for sure: the next Surface tablet will have Window 10 preinstalled and both the Surface RT and Surface 2 tablet may get those fresh features.

Meanwhile, all the Surface Pro tablets will obviously get bumped to Windows 10. New software is expected to be launched around late September, so the Surface Pro 4 is expected to come to the stores around the same time frame. I expect that by the end of the year 2015 we’ll have a solid software package that makes Windows RT at least partially similar to Win 10.