It’s the time of the month/year when we compile the figures and statistics for some companies’ financial results of the past year. Microsoft is among them, making official the revenues for the last quarter of 2014, or of them, Q2 of fiscal year 2015.

microsoft revenue 2014

The company’s revenue stands at $26.5 billion, which is an increase by 8% compared to the second quarter of the previous financial year. In spite of the higher sales, the company didn’t get bigger profits, since they decreased from $6.56 billion to $5.86 billion for the recently ended quarter. This fits with the analysts’ forecasts, since the slow sales of PCs were the one to take down profits.

MS reported operating income of $7.8 billion for the period and gross margin of $16.3 billion, plus they also ended the quarter with $90.25 billion in cash and equivalents. The Devices and Consumer section reported revenue of $12.9 billion, an 8% increase from the previous year. Microsoft also sold 10.5 Lumia models, for a $2.3 billion revenue and $1.1 billion worth of Surface products.

microsoft revenue 2014 q4

That’s an impressive increase, of 24% from the previous year, generated by the Surface Pro 3 and its accessories. The cloud services brought $5.5 billion and the Xbox portion was pretty mysterious, with only 6.6 million consoles mentioned, but without a clear split between devices. Office 365 also had a major bump in subscribers over the past quarter, 7 million subscribers to 9.2 million. In spite of all that, analysts warn of a grim 2015, with negative predictions and Microsoft’s stock has already dropped 4% or even more.