Well, isn’t this the mother of all leaks? A Samsung Windows 8 tablet we’ve heard about previously has just leaked ahead of the BUILD 2011 keynote that’s taking place today. You can see the tablet below and originally we were supposed to show you some videos, but we didn’t quite manage to get them to work, since they were pulled from YouTube.

As far as the source goes, the images were posted by Weibo user Michelle Hu and it’s a pretty credible image if you ask me. The confirmation will come in the following hours, when hands on videos with the original Samsung Win 8 slate will appear. Right now we can notice that the device looks like 16:9 aspect ratio material and speculations say that we’re looking at a unit with an Intel quad core CPU inside, although I wouldn’t vouch for that.

Other rumors say that Microsoft has been working on the design of product together with Samsung, so they must have left behind the Courier complex, right? Well, too bad you can’t see the leaked unboxing videos that were pulled, but in case you’re wondering they didn’t reveal much, since the vids were tilted 90 degrees. What we do know is that there’s a nifty keyboard accessory available and the startup time is quick.

We’ll be back with more details once the BUILD keynote plays out.