Windows 8 is a platform that didn’t reveal too much of its evolution over the past months and it’s not yet very clear if it will debut this year or not and in what version it will come. Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini hinted towards a release this year, but he was too vague to actually reveal a decent time frame. He sure seems confident that the OS will perform greatly.

At some point the same Otellini was heard saying that Windows 8 tablets are in production queue and that means they might hit the market sooner than expected. Everyone is wondering if Intel or the ARM version of these slate swill get priority, with experts tending to favor the former rather than the latter. Tipsters with connections in the ARM segment say that they don’t have any intel on a close release, so maybe it’s 2013 after all. This October it will be 3 years since Windows 7 was out and if Microsoft feels the need to keep the tradition, they might release the new Windows in that month.

Nokia Connection 2012 will be a very important event this summer, with a Nokia Windows 8 tablet being promised for unveiling, or at least hinted at. Once again, take the info with a grain of salt, be patient and feel free to play with that developer preview available on the web.