With the iPads being the ideal landmarks of tablet battery life and the Android models not exactly breaking records, it’s up to the Windows slates to offer a solid rival to Apple’s technology. If their batteries aren’t that great either, at least you can monitor your consumption better.


Microsoft’s new Sleep Study tool will help you with that, by generating a report of which apps and activities use up the most juice. This only works if your Windows 8.1 tablet is in InstantGo sleep mode. This is a feature from Win 8.1, that was previously called Connected Standby for Windows 8 and RT. This allows your system to be in sleep mode while the apps are updating in the background and the device is able to quickly resume to normal state.

This feature is not available on all Windows 8.1 devices, so in order to find out if you have it or not, you need to launch the command prompt and type “powercfg /a”. If you see the “Standby <Connected>’s” available, then you can trigger Sleep Study. This tool generates the report regarding battery usage as an HTML file and you can see why your tablet is running out of juice fast… or not.