Windows 8.1 was actually expected to hit the tablets and laptops this month, in a final build, but it appears we’re in for a longer wait. Insider tipsters are saying that the final Windows 8.1 will get a public debut around mid October, making this a 2 month delay.


As if Microsoft didn’t have enough problems, with the Windows RT being ditched by its partners and critics attacking it in the media, now we’ve got this delay. ZDNet, a source that has provided juicy intel on the Win 8 OS is quoting sources confirming the same release date. PC makers will receive the final version of the update later this month with an RTM version.

The reason of the delay? Supposedly, MS wants to give OEMs enough time to perform all the needed testing and driver setup for the update, so the new hardware is ready to go on the launch day. Meanwhile, The Verge is claiming that we should expect to see new 7 inch and 8 inch devices with Windows 8.1 on board soon enough. An October launch of such devices is not out of the picture, in spite of that month’s lack of conventions or special events.