You may be wondering why some products like tablets or smartphone have a strange design when they’re spotted in various leaks on the web. Well, some of them have masks applied on top of the design, to hide their real look until the product is finalized. Below you can see two Sony masks, one of them being for the already famous Xperia Z Ultra.


The one above is the Z Ultra and the one below may be the Sony Honami. The image comes from XDA Developer’s Adam Outler, who posted the pic on his Google+ account this week. Similar approaches have been applied to the BlackBerry Z10 and even the Samsung Galaxy S4, both spotted with strange rectangular designs long before they were launched.

I don’t know if tablets get the same treatment, but if they do, you shouldn’t be surprised the next time you see a rectangular slate instead of a model you thought would be rounded. I wonder if Apple uses that approach with its products, but then again seeing all the leaks from the past months, I’m not sure they do take precautions anymore.