Xbox chief Phil Spencer answered questions of fans on Twitter over the past weekend and the unavoidable topic of a portable Xbox came up. He said that Microsoft won’t do a dedicated handheld gaming device, or at least he doesn’t think so.

Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing

For MS it makes more sense to focus on Windows Phone and tablets, “maybe with controller support someday”. Everyone is talking gaming these days, with E3 being pretty close and many were hoping that the Surface Mini project has at least a hint of gaming involved in it. Well, that won’t happen this year, but with Xbox portable rumors flying all over the place over the past years, at some point we may get to see that.

Considering that the Xbox One is selling fewer units than the PS4 and seeing how vulnerable the PS Vita and Nintendo DS are, Microsoft actually has a shot at making a good portable console. The problem here is that they already offer tons of Xbox Live games and services on tablets and phones, so there’s no real appeal for a portable console. Now if they brought the first Xbox games and some Xbox 360 titles on the go, that would be something…