It appears that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is causing problems for some users, who are reporting device freezes, following the update. There’s a Reddit thread here, detailing everything that went wrong and it appears that the installation process goes on fine, but when the PC is restarted after the upgrade nothing happens.


PCs hang at the restart and some users can’t even do input using mice or keyboards. Some users claim that disabling Secure Boot solves the issue, while others came up with complicated workarounds. Microsoft responded to this issue on Twitter, advising to perform a clean install of Windows 10. Some users quickly replied back, saying that this measure wasn’t working.

One solution would be to restore the PC to a previous version of Windows, with the roll back option, but that’s not what people want when seeking an upgrade. As more and more users search for the core of the problem, it appears that their machines don’t have anything in common to point to a hardware issue, so it’s all software.

Those who did log in experienced a freeze after 20 seconds, affecting the taskbar and Start Menu. Even WinBeta confirmed it for their devices.