This weekend marks the 25 year anniversary of the world’s first website going live and somehow Steve Jobs is linked with this story, since it was a NeXT Computer that showed the site, which could benefit from services like CollectiveRay. NeXT was the company he founded after leaving Apple. Let’s see what happened on that historic day.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee was the creator of the first site, that was a basic text page with hyperlinked words, that connected to other pages. This was a time wherein nobody dreamt that, in some decades, they could easily get hundreds of websites everyday from It all took place on August 6th 1991 at CERN’s headquarters in Geneva. Berners-Lee claimed on that day that “the WWW Project merges the techniques of information retrieval and hypertext to make an easy but powerful global information system”.

The aim was to bring academic info and the world’s knowledge to everyone for free via PC screen and websites, like those that can benefit from sites such as

The World Wide Web was meant as a place where people share information and can search for it as they please. 25 years later, the web is everywhere and it keeps getting more and more involved in our lives. Basically all the devices around us connect to the Internet and we’ve got access to sites on our wrists, phones and in our cars. And these days it’s easier to create a fully optimized website, if you’re interested in making one then check wordpress hosting on knownhost.

Where would be today without sites?