Not only tablet makers were present at CES 2016, but also accessory and panel makers, so Wacom was welcome. Professionals and designers will be happy to know that they unveiled a new stylus, that offers Surface-like input.


The name is Bamboo Smart Stylus and this device is intended for Windows hybrid slates. Pen-like input is offered and the feel is similar to what you get on the Microsoft Surface line, only you have to spend a mere $40 this time. Bamboo Smart goes on sale next month and supports Windows devices with Active Electro Static technology.

Those include the likes of Dell Venue 10, HP Elite x2 1021, Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga and Toshiba DynaPad N72 to name just a few. Bamboo Smart also comes with pressure-sensitive input and two programmable buttons, for easier access to commands that you rely on often, such as right and double click. In tandem with the Bamboo Spark notebook, the stylus does handwriting to text conversion.