Many people nowadays use their tablets right next to their main monitors, for an extra boost of productivity (or extra boost of slacking, if you’re watching TV shows on it). Turns out that the Surface can also be part of this game, as it can be set up with a desktop workstation.

The vertical Surface Dock is shown in action below and it’s part of a Surface Pro VESA mount ergonomic workstation. It’s easy to mount and dismount, plus it can be part of a multi display and multiple desktop setup. It lets you drag and drop content onto the tablet’s screen or use it as a secondary display. In Photoshop you can assign it certain tasks, like a color palette or effects and it can also be useful for video editing or 3D graphics.

The Surface is held vertically with the special dock, serving as an additional monitor, held in upright position. Judging by the video below, it’s very much a plug and play affair, without the need for extra setup. The Surface Pro 2017/ Pro 4/ Pro 3 VESA dock is priced at $79 and the Deluxe VESA Dock with OEM Microsoft electronics preinstalled is $275.

You can get the rigs here. Shipping is worldwide and details about the assembly are found on the same site.