Even though Windows 10 Mobile is pretty much dead, it doesn’t meant there aren’t some people who are still passionate about it, so passionate that they’re making DIY projects. One of them involves the laptop below, completely powered by a Windows Phone.

Continuum previously allowed one to run apps on a monitor via a wireless or wired connection, by hooking up a smartphone to a display, keyboard and mouse. Mirabook is a whole new idea and it’s basically a barebone laptop that uses Continuum to get powered up by a Windows 10 Mobile phone. The creation of Miraxess, the Mirabook comes with a backlit keyboard, up to 10 hours of battery life, a 1080p 13.3 inch screen, 2 USB Type-C ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI, one audio jack and an SD card reader.

The machine has an aluminum shell and the user experience feels similar to hooking up a Windows 10 Mobile phone to a larger monitor, only in laptop form. The price is seriously appealing, at just $249 and the deliveries should happen in May 2018. A Lumia 950 is recommended for use here, which is actually the last powerful Windows 10 Mobile launched, before the platform kicked the bucket.

The laptop uses DisplayPort technology and comes with green technology and a great degree of customization. Apart from the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, you can also use the Alcatel Idol Pro 4, Acer Liquid Jade and HP Elite x3. A version for Android users is also in the making, based on the Galaxy S8, Note 8 and Huawei Mate 10. More details are found here.