Just like it happened with connectors, cellular connectivity and touchscreen technologies, the stylus use on mobile device is also getting standardized. Intel has started the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI), that is going to announce the official standard for its stylus products, that can be used across platforms.


The alliance quickly got new members, including the likes of Sharp, ASUS, Quanta Computer, Dell, LG Display, Genius, Lenovo, Mont Blanc and obviously Wacom. The total number of members is expected to get past 30 by the end of the current year. Starting with 2016, the products that are up to USI standards will be allowed to put the USI certification label on their devices.

Dell is already planning to launch a few 2 in 1 devices in Q4 with USI stylus included, while HP has 3 such products in the pipeline. I’m guessing ASUS may bring that cool Padfone stylus back with new USI certified functionality and Samsung will definitely come on board with its famous S Pen. Will Apple adhere to this, or play ball alone?