As you’ve probably heard already, in mid week Canonical announced the debut of Ubuntu touch for tablets, that arrived on Nexus slates over the past few days. People have been flashing the release on their Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 slates and luckily Pocketnow also decided to give us a demo of that process.


The video is available below and Ubuntu 12.10 Touch in the tablet form isn’t that different from the handset version. The homescreen has a horizontal layout, compared to the vertical setup of smaller tablets and phones. There’s also that mechanism called side stage, that’s basically a split screen view of two apps at the same time. This is something that you can compare to the apps snapped side by side on Windows 8 or Windows RT.

More features and probably more finished functions will be demoed at MWC 2013, next week. Canonical made matters clear and specified that this is not an OS to be installed for daily use and the notes for release claim that this is a non-commercial purpose only build. There’s is no CDMA, or LTE, or airplane mode, emergency call support, locked SIM Pin support, MMS and no SMS over GSM. Just so you know, right now the Nexus 7 Ubuntu version looks like a phone edition scaled up… More details on the Nexus 10 experience in the video below!