Some people are still stuck in their love for physical keyboards, even the people who own an use an iPad daily. Well, those two loves may find an answer soon as the startup Tactus Technology is preparing a shape shifting touchscreen set of buttons for the iPad.


That will served as a special case/keyboard applied on top of the screen. Basically the button scan rise up from the screen and disappear when they’re no longer needed. The technology relies on tiny fluid-filled channels and elastic blisters to make the buttons rise. Electronics manufacturing giant Wistron has modified equipment at its factories in China to produce touchscreen panels with the shape shifting tech.

The first product with this tech will be a protective case for the iPad Mini, coming later this year. The design relies on a transparent screen protector, that covers the front of the device and by sliding a mechanical control on the side, the case will raise up a transparent set of buttons or better said button guides.

If you slide the control back, the buttons are gone. Wistron is pretty big company, that could make this technology big and cool… Will it succeed?