With the ocassion of the CES 2015 tech show, Toshiba announced today a new portable 15-inch Ultra HD 4K panel that arrives in the package with the 3D mode too. Unlike other products available on the market, this one doesn’t need a pair of special glasses in order to see the 3D content on the screen.


We get to know that this technology uses a system of low-crosstalk high-definition liquid crystal GRIN lens (Gradient-index lens) that offers no degradation in image brightness in 3D morde, as well no deterioration of image qualiti in 2D mode.

Also, the users of such a 3D 4K panel will be able to easily swith from the 3D mode to the 2D one and vice versa. More details about this technology and about the new product just announced will be made public in January at the CES 2015 tech show that will take place in Las Vegas.